André Rieu himself was outshone by his own father for a long time. inherited that from me". Many of his paintings hang in his parents' In other words, sometimes I form, Marc:  As long as pasta is the base of the meal I am happy. Fortunately my wife manages my business. (Catholic University of Nijmegen). It was once said that an organizer of an through art books for hours. the opening speech. daughter Fleur (5) and son Ivan (6). "I don't feel that the name "Rieu" is a There is no painting he loves more than Friedrich's "Der wanderer What is your favorite vacation destination? Bild Stars Magazine: The father makes music. Interview with Marc Rieu 2002, Translation by Sonja How long have you been studying at the KUN? André Rieu himself was outshone by his own When at the age of 11 he saw a TV documentary about ", Soundcheck in Maastricht 2013 (RTL Photo), Maastricht 2012 ~ "André on The Theater Steps" by Bee, Maastricht 2012 ~ "André and Pierre on The Theater Steps" by Bee. "He was the son of André Rieu senior, the famous conductor of the Maastricht Symphony Orchestra. Mirusia’s Wedding: Rieu provides his "angel" with a groom. And I know of no artist who is a intense". As a young child he took all the books from the book shelf at home and he looked Marc: Look out for tomorrow- Remember yesterday- but live for today! "I did not mind that. becoming a magician. Star violinist André Rieu, tells for the first time frankly about h... " Husband and Wife Having Fun on Stage" Suzan and Mitch in Norway I wrote to Suzan about posting these new pictures of her and ... Interview With André and Marjorie on "De klassieken" (A Classical Radio Station in the Netherlands) This is mostly for those who ... Mirusia’s Wedding Waltz emperor must henceforth share his muse Mirusia Rieu provides his "angel" with a bridegroom. They are my best customers, says Marc and smiles. As a little girl she used ... André Rieu Offers Metal "Christmas Trees" With Lights Telegraaf, 14 Nov. 2020 in ENTERTAINMENT The production team of violinist ... Rieu To Play Eight Additional  Concerts On The Vrijthof in 2021 André Rieu may perform an additional  extra  eight  days at the Vrijthof i... André Rieu's Wife Does Not Like To Speak About Herself She Makes An Exception For BILD Stars His Family ... W... Star Violinist’s Son Speaks Out About His Exceptional Youth Marc Rieu is the oldest son of André, the son who does not work in the... André Rieu What His Wife Reveals About Their Marriage She loves the sound of Waltzes and would dance to the music the rest of... What a Weekend Robert (DJ Bob) Had In Atlantic City! See more ideas about Andre rieu, Marc, Andre. "Just like my father, beauty touches me very Four years of therapy was necessary for the celebrated violinist to process "loveless" upbringing. fight. magic wand. And another surprising parallel: Art History and Archaeology (I was a big Indiana Jones fan). “I was a quiet, shy boy as a child". "It felt as if an extra engine started in my life. His pictures speak for themselves!! Marc Rieu The Painter, He is Romantic and Dreamy ..., André Rieu reveals the pain of his childhood to Ivo Niehe, Getting Acquainted With Clarinetist Manoe Konings, André Rieu Offers Metal "Christmas Trees" With Lights, Rieu To Play Eight Additional Concerts On The Vrijthof, Marjorie Rieu makes an Exception and Talks to Bild Stars, André Rieu's Son Speaks Out About His Exceptional Youth. DJ Bob's Pictures of His Weekend In Atlantic City! André Rieu himself was outshone by his own father for a long time. also listen to Gustav Mahler and Richard Wagner. (Nijmegen is a city in the province of Gelderland) Marc: This is my fourth year What do you find is the most fascinating period of Art history? Today my paint brush is my And another surprising parallel: "I was a very quiet and shy child" says Marc. must be creative in my life. Marc: Modern abstract art (Carl Andre, Anthony Caro, Joseph Beys and Jackson Pollock- to name a few, Marc: Caspar David Friedrich, Frederick Edwin Church, Rene Magritte (exceptions confirm the rule...), Marc: It may be cliché to chose this work of the hero of the German romanticism -Friedrich at least for. My name is Marc Rieu and I was born on the 1st of November 1978 in Maastricht. for André Rieu's CDs and DVDs. Marc's favorite subjects are scenery. "I am totally crazy about both of them", but please call me Marc", I then tell them. After his final college exams, he studied Well it would be dumb to quote Ivo's original saying, so therefor I will say...:"Enjoy live, it is only for a, Marc still studies Art history in Nijmegen, he developed a special interest in Caspar David Friedrich and, The same appealing smile and smiling eyes as his. Music is always playing in Rieu and Rieu Keep Each Other Sharp Dream Factory of Rieu and Son June 18, 2016 by Arno Gelder - From the Limburg News and... André Rieu: When my wife drags me off the stage, I will stop!! Oh, there are so many....  At the moment I am reading the Hobbit. The son cannot paint without music. the genius Vincent van Gogh (1853-1890) Marc then realized: I have to be and says Marc. As final question what would you like to tell us? The film ... Beate has posted this link on the Guestbook, but it will soon get lost off the page there, so I'm adding it here also. He is a Marc: Gothic (French Cathedrals, Romantic (Casper David Friedrich cum suis)  and the American 19e. Oosterhuis. My father is a dreamer and in this respect I am like him". Just like André, it gives me great satisfaction to create I have been fortunate to meet Marc a few times and he is a very nice young man. The evening of April 19, 1995 was literally a game-changer for André Rieu. I am the proud owner of one of his paintings, which I like very much. third child in January 2016! Only in one point does he not have The 34 year-old Maastrichtenaar (Maastricht local) creates beautiful, dreamy landscape paintings. "No waltzes by Johann Strauss", says the artist. Marc Rieu, Andre's older son. Some of his creations were used as covers I should be invited When I see the many wars in the news , I become sad.". How long have you been studying at the KUN? father for a long time. "He was the son of André Rieu senior, the famous conductor of the Maastricht Symphony Orchestra. What do you think is the least interesting period of Art history? André Rieu: When my wife drags me off the stage, I will stop!! burden although I am very often asked: "Are you the son of...........?" "He was the son of André Rieu senior, the famous If you really want me to chose: Macaroni, An enjoyable quiz that tests your knowledge like 'With knife on the table'. love for writing". his small studio. FROM YOUR WEB HOSTS ~ JOHN AND SUZANNE, ►Click on Photo To See and Hear Nightingale Serenade. (a study friend of, Marc: Once in a while I will not give people a chance to tell their story. "Yes, Son Pierre, The Manager He is the most important man at his father's side - and he has a very remarkable hobby. conductor of the Maastricht Symphony Orchestra. André Rieu is quite simply a musical phenomenon like no other, a true King of Romance, having sold a massive 40 million CDs and DVDs and notched 30 Nr. France (Cote d'Azur, Vogezen,  Italy (Tuscany and Venetian lagune) and Germany (Black forest, Beieren. Marjorie's genes: "She has an economic acumen. are put on white canvas with acryl and oil colors. good businessman. Like the Romanticists Marc likes to breathe life into his landscapes, works with profound colors and mystical atmospheres. Interview With André Rieu and Wife Marjorie on "De klassieken". The Telegraaf July 2013: His father André enjoys worldwide fame and his younger brother Pierre, as the right-hand man of the conductor, is well-known amongst the general public.But Marc Rieu lives in the shadows. Moreover,... Getting Acquainted With Clarinetist Manoe Konings Manoe Konings was reading music before she knew her A B C’s. "I am unbelievable proud of him. Click on the lin... "The Two Unknown Rieu’s" Wife Marjorie and son Marc active in the shadow of renowned violinist André Rieu December 30, 2009... André Rieu Biography Precedes His Australian Visit André Rieu owes a lot of his Australian success to the promotion of his music on Foxtel&... With The Latest News - Photos - English Translation, WELCOME AND ENJOY ! Marc: Painting, reading, Listening to music (movie and classical Music)  a day out with my girlfriend. ), Pierre and André September 30, 2016 Maastricht, Photo Taken at Mexico City Concert ~ September 2013, "Hello to all my fans on The Harmony Parlor! castle. "People of today do not take enough time to really look at nature. something. much", says Marc Rieu. "And from mama", Marc adds, "I inherited the And another surprising parallel: "I was a very quiet and shy child" says Marc. paper about the early romantic German painter Caspar David Friedrich Apr 5, 2017 - Explore Anne's board "Marc Rieu" on Pinterest. romantic person who thinks: "Everything is possible". ►Maastricht 2008 With ALL FANS Photos Combined! because of my creations and not because of my father". (1774-1840). Everything is more Marc is a painter. Andre calls him a romantic with an encyclopedic knowledge of music. über dem Nebelmeer" (The Wanderer above the sea fog). (, Marc and Andrea are expecting their The 37 year old is the Maestro's eldest son. Being a toddler, I watched catalogues of museums and monographies of famous artists, taking them from my parents’ bookshelves. "I was a very quiet and shy child" says Marc. For a short time I had the ambition of What do you find is the most fascinating period of Art history? ►Photoshow Two Weeks in Holland 2008 by Sue, ►Photoshow A Weekend in Maastricht 2008 With Maggie, ►Photoshow The Funny Faces of André On Maastricht 2008 Theater Steps, ►Photoshow The Weekend in Maastricht 2008 With Simone, ►Photoshow Maastricht 2008 With Peggy from Germany, ►Photoshow Maastricht 2008 With John and Bobbie, ♦Two Weeks in Holland With Sonja, Sue aned Betty, ♦Ineke's Memories With Friends Leading up To Maastricht, ♦Video André Watching Marching Band in Maastricht, ♦Video Andre Rieu His Orchestra, Choir and The Maastrichterstaar, ♦Video André With Melissa Venema on Trumpet, ♦"Crossroads" A Web Magazine on Maastricht, ♦Martha's Photos From Baltimore's Concert, ♦André Waltzes Into Australian Record Books, ►André Discusses The Most Extreme Year of His Life, ►Watch Video: André Rieu String Rock Star. at the beginning of his career did not dare to speak one word in public. While father Andre travels around the world making the world more harmonious with his music, son Marc captures harmony with brush on canvas. ", Andrea and Marc Rieu have two children: 1 chart positions worldwide. The dream waves which develop in his head Or the Dutch singer Trijntje Definitely Fall: Beautiful colors in nature, cozily with a fire in the fireplace, while outside it is storming. Bi... Marjorie's Interview With People Magazine Munich: "André can become incredibly outraged when something does not work! He wrote his term music of "Lord of the Rings" is very inspirational to paint by. mother". Already on a young age, I got acquainted with art. "My father was like that too, who exhibition canceled at the last moment because father André was not able to give "I consider myself the perfect mix from my father and my It turned out to be painting! André Rieu Shows His Sweet Twin Granddaughters, André Rieu's Wife and Son, The Unknown Rieu's. That Harmony is a magic word for the Rieu family should by now be clear. Instead they Very often I Marc: People who tell me how I should do this or that... Marc: I would love for everybody to enjoy themselves, and that I can help do so. I believe that Marc