Buy them online in our official shop. Modular motorcycle helmets are a hybrid between the open face helmets and the full face helmets. Some modular motorcycle helmets, however, provide extra conveniences such as intercom, Bluetooth, face shield, … Pros and cons of modular helmets Read … Shoei Modular Helmets now available online. EUR 330,54 EUR 284,30 Excl. Learn More. We should, however, always ride with the visor in the closed position. They are designed to provide safety to the rider by protecting the rider’s head in case of an impact and prevent or reduce head injuries. There's more to fitting a helmet than just buying the one that matches your hat size or guessing at “small, medium or large.” However, hat size is a good starting point. Top Quality Brands - HELMEXPRESS - High-Quality Express Delivery 100 Day MBG Share with friends. Size guide. Size. Modular helmets Sportmodular, the performance of a full face helmet and the comfort of a modular model. PISTA GP R LIMITED EDITION ECE DOT PLK - ROSSI WINTER TEST 2017 Pista GP R $1,599.95 - 40% $959.97 (USD) ID N° 216021O9HY004011. €344,00 (for countries in the European Union) Modular helmets keep our head dry during inclement weather. Facebook. VAT. Coming in at $350, the Bell SRT-Modular is an affordable option for riders who need to get the most out of their lids. Simply flip up the visor when we need to take a break from our ride. Helmet Fit. ... ROSSI WINTER TEST 2017 Pista GP R $1,599.95 - 40% $959.97 (USD) ID N° 216021O9HY004011. Modular helmets allow us to take a drink or breathe fresh air without removing our helmet. Shop Now. View All Modular - 30% SPORTMODULAR MULTI ECE DOT - SHARP CARBON/RED/WHITE Modular $849.95 ... A modular with the compact dimensions, low weight and performance of a top sport full-face. Modular helmets, however, are designed to be used with the visor down while riding, and so offer close to the same level of protection as a full face helmet, with an added benefit of being able to convert to open face when desired. Price including VAT.