Quan Chi | Predator | Hobby Multiple murdersMutilationsDesecration of corpses Melvin Moody | Mr. Burns | After a brief skirmish between the two, the creature is wounded by one of Dutch's self-made explosive tipped arrow which also damages the creature's cloaking device. The Jungle Hunter's bio-helmet makes a cameo appearance in. The Dognapper | Jimbo Jones | Dragon | Edwin | Warrior | EPA | According to the original toy released soon after the movie, the Predator's name (not mentioned) translates as "Savage". Stans | In its basic form, it is a tall, humanoid creature with crimson, scaly skin and three-fingered hands. [5] A simple red one-piece suit was also built for use in scenes where the creature would appear cloaked, acting as a base on which the special effects were later applied. Razor and Tazer | Blue Sky Villains | Lefty McGinnis | Lex Luthor | Rain | Deacon | [3] These records were thoroughly studied by the Yautja and led to increased respect for humanity's capabilities. The other men immediately instigated a search for the body. In fact, upon City Hunter's arrival during chaos in Los Angeles, Keyes immediately prepared his team with special equipments to captured him, only for the said predator revealed to armed himself better than Jungle Hunter did, and immediately wipe them out. Nelson Muntz | Before he could retaliate, the Predator attacked with his Plasmacaster, blasting a hole clean through his chest. Several other pieces of the Jungle Hunter outfit were similarly reused for the ending of Predator 2; the body suit was recycled for Predator Elder Greyback,[6] while the bio-helmet actually used in the first film was given to Scout. Joseph Korso | Scar | It's only weapons are a telescoping spear that it throws (incidentally similar to the Combistick from, If Bo' Rai Cho battles against the Predator in. Praetorian Xenomorphs, Predators He does wipe out Dutch's men and other soldiers present in his hunting grounds one by one, but the massacre was actually meant to test their combat prowess so he can identify which one of them proved him/herself to be his worthy opponent and prey, which explained why he only targeted armed humans. 4.6 out of 5 stars. American Dad! Blooded (presumably) Blue | He was portrayed by the late Kevin Peter Hall, while his voice was provided by Peter Cullen, who was best known for voicing Optimus Prime. Steven Jacobs | He does not wish to destroy the realms. Full Name As the Jungle Hunter costume was created as a replacement for a previous creature that did not work, it had to be designed and built in only six weeks. Kano | Zara | Mortal Kombat (2021): To be added. The Jungle Hunter at death's door, coughing up blood. Alien vs Predator Villains | After briefly struggling, the hunter uses his plasma caster to blast his way out of the trap. Dark Kahn | Xiangliu | Hans Zeller | He is widely known as the Predator that stalked and killed several American military personnel in the region, including members of an elite mercenary unit led by Major Alan "Dutch" Schaefer. Some possessed a power previously unknown to the Predator's race: sorcery. Valentine Corporation (Richmond Valentine, Gazelle, Charlie Hesketh, Chester King & Morten Lindström) | Brock Pike | No shocker here, the classic Jungle Hunter is the apex predator that took on Arnold Schwarzenegger. Although the Predator's Cloak was disabled and the creature itself was lightly wounded, it eventually turned the tables on Dutch and dropped him into a pool of water, thereby removing his camouflage and making him visible once more. Andrew Detmer | Rolf Gruber | Dragon King's Army | After killing the injured Poncho with its Plasmacaster, the Jungle Hunter lost Dutch following a desperate chase when the latter unintentionally covered himself in wet mud, rendering him invisible to the Predator's thermal vision. Dutch, realizing the creature only kills armed opponents, takes away Anna's gun and sends her to the chopper extraction point. Predator and Scarface in the video game Predator: Concrete Jungle. The Jungle Hunter is the main antagonist of the 1987 science-fiction/action film, Predator. Queen of Hearts | Their skins will make fine trophies. Luke Castellan | Kronos | A heavily wounded Dutch is able to crawl away from the creature and baits his would be killer to follow him and finish him off. Rogue | Albina | Portrayed by Adam | Moss | Lead Alien | Planet of the Apes Villains | Mr. Barron | Dante | He is a member of the Yautja race who was sent to Earth deep into the Val Verde jungle to complete a hunt and kill worthy human prey. Thankfully, you can still rock the old-school look by donning the Jungle Hunter outfit… Villains | City Hunter | Carver | Kung Lao | Physical Description Predaliens (Gunnison Predalien and The Abomination) | The Predator's head was built as a separate piece, and a total of three were created for the film — a "hero" head that was capable of facial articulation, a static stunt head and a head that was completely open at the front, for use in scenes where the Predator is wearing its helmet. Reiko | Charon | John Geiger | However, in the video game, The Jungle Hunter is currently the only movie Predator to have successfully used its. Lizard Leader | These records were thoroughly studied by the Yautja and led to increased respect for humanity's capabilities. Zeebad | Douglas Hunsiker | Celtic Predator | Two swords were built from fiberglass and the weapon was actually incorporated into the first test suit, sheathed inside the Predator's backpack. Zenkaro, Evil Races Jade | Molly Merchants | Drahmin | Kebral | Raven | The Predator was later alerted to Dutch's survival when it heard him screaming through the night, challenging it to one final confrontation, seeking to avenge his squad. White Wolf | Brundlefly | Chameleon | Engineers | Antarctic Queen Xenomorph | Reggie and Arthur | However, producer Joel Silver reportedly "hated it instantly", complaining that the complex design would lessen the effect when the Predator finally removes the helmet to reveal its face. Lindsey Naegle | Soldier Sam | City Hunter | Jungle Hunter After Dutch drops the rock, he asks the creature what he is, the creature only responds by repeating his question back to him in garbled English. Daegon | [4] Knowledge of this event also found its way to other countries on Earth — for example, Isabelle, an IDF sniper captured by the Super Predators and dropped on the Game Preserve Planet in 2010, recognized the Yautja and their technology from classified reports she had read about the hunt in Guatemala. Hair color Deacon | The teeth were cast separately, from acrylic, while the dreadlocks were also molded from foam and applied as a single piece. Gazooks | Unmasked Yautja) hail from the Predator film series, along with the shared Alien vs. VIKI | Liu Kang | Falconer Predator | Oniro | Kia | Agent Lynch | Elena Dubrow | Havik | Shaakans | Kollector | Catwoman | Lord Dargis | Durza | Mavado | Stalking his prey and testing their prowess via physical and psychological confrontations and ambushes. Polyphemus | After escaping the mercenaries, the creature retreats to his tree top hideout and, using his medic system, painfully heals himself. Eaglemoss Collections Cloaked Predator (1987) figure. Lotus Land Bellhop | Born from Yautja race whom known as infamous head hunters, it's not surprising if Jungle Hunter was nurtured and developed into a ruthless killer. No Face | Farley Flavors | General Aldo | Berserker Predator | Alice Ribbons | Yautja Ermac | Army of Darkness | Paragus, Live-Action Movies Mac | Jessica, See Also Riff Raff | He had become the Apex Predator. Mortal Kombat Legends: Scorpion's Revenge (2020): Scorpion | Quan Chi | Shang Tsung | Goro | Shao Kahn | Kano | Baraka | Reptile | Moloch | Motaro Blackwolf | One Being | Jade | Tekunin, Movies [5] Hall was able to puppeteer the creature's mouth with his own jaw, and wore contact lenses to finish the effect. He later discovered that Dutch has rendered his cloaking unusable and proved himself to be a formidable opponent. Diaboromon | Dr. Otto Hasslein | Buffyverse Vilains | Shao Kahn and then Shinnok thought themselves conquerors. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. A reference of Jungle Hunter's confrontation with Dutch is when Harrigan expresses his disgust on City Hunter's face, his Dutch line was interrupted by City Hunter whom yelled on his face, finished the line and tossed him away before continue the fight. Blaze | David 8 | The next day, the Predator fell into an elaborate net trap set by the survivors but again managed to escape, critically and unintentionally wounding Poncho in the process. Predators (a.k.a. Tormentors | Minimates figure of the Water Emerge Predator. Scowler | Jataaka | Colonel McCullough | Masked Winter | The creature's skin coloration was based on a desert locust species, Schistocerca gregaria. Gender Screwface | The creature became a local legend, feared by many of the jungle's inhabitants for hunting and killing men in the area before leaving their mu… Gorgon's Pack | Killed most of Alan Schaefer's private military team. Deceased as of 1987[1] Manticore | A chase through the jungle ensues, ending with the creature losing track of his prey after Dutch covers himself in mud which hides him from the predator's thermal vision. The humans, Outworlders and Netherrealm demons will fall to his superior weapons, tactics, and strength. Bosco | Karl | Dragons | Cilene | Daredevil Villains | Dutch proceeds to kick out the counter weight sending the log crashing down on the predator's head crushing him. Marv Merchants | Sinclair | If you are 18 years or older or are comfortable with graphic material, you are free to view this page. Alan Rikkin | [5], 'Predator' Character Profile : The Jungle Hunter. After killing Blaine the creature is spotted and wounded in the leg by Blaine's friend Mac and the rest of the team after its cloaking device temporarily malfunctions. Alpha-Omega (Red & Preacher) | Rat | Sektor | Tracker Predator | Snake Jailbird | Origin Kabal | The Simpsons Villains | Finding Blain alone, the Jungle Hunter attempted to slay him with its Speargun but succeeded only in grazing his shoulder. Chris Rodriguez | Tarkata | After escaping, the Predator retreated to the treetops to tend to his wounds with its Medicomp. Stans | Baby Gerald | Dillon later recruited his old friend Alan "Dutch" Schaefer to complete the mission, and after Dutch and his team had wiped out the rebel force they too became targets for the Jungle Hunter. Superhuman strengthDexterityEnhanced speedStealth (with or without a Cloaking Device)Shoulder cannonWrist bladesMedi-kitMulti-purpose wrist computer linked with Biomask with various programs from various vision modes to self-destruct programAmbush and surprise attacks Wendell | Hellspawn | Attar | Without this particular Yautja Hunter, there would be no franchise. Kintaro | Rasputin | Eaglemoss Collections statuette of the Jungle Hunter. Forrest Fox | Scorpion | Nostromo Drone | However, the entire team was hunted and eventually slaughtered by the creature. Magenta | Jopling | The PredatorThe Jungle HunterThe Classic PredatorEl Demonio que Hace Trofeos de los Hombres ("The Demon who Makes Trophies of Men" in Spanish)Ugly Motherf--kerUgly Mofo Mike | Vic Deakins | Mason Wren | Poodle | Miles Quaritch | Dmitri Desgoffe-und-Taxis | Chiren | Jennifer Check | Grid | Rommel | Celtic Predator | Xibalba | Dutch takes this opportunity to grab a large rock and is about to finish his attacker off when he realizes that the predator is mortally wounded and near death. Triborg, Undead Villains Ian Hawke | They were defeated. Kobra | Borgia Industries | En route to the guerrillas' camp, Hopper's team was ambushed by the Jungle Hunter and wiped out, with Hopper and two of his men being skinned, disembowelled and hung from the treetops as trophies. Lead Teen | Mr. Tweedy | Newborn | When Dutch demanded to know what it was, the dying Predator mockingly repeated Dutch's question in garbled English, then activated its Self-Destruct Device and, mimicking Billy, laughed manically at the human standing over him in a last-ditch effort to kill him. Ultimate Predator | He and others of his alien race merely fight—and kill—for sport and honor. Oni | Lotus Eaters | Tracker Predator | The creature then activates it's wrist bracer, which begins counting down. Peron | Harry Lime and Marv Merchants | Gabe Ugliano | Koba | General Thade | Edward Hyde | Mortal Kombat (1995): To be added