Balancing family, friends, school, and everything else teens do is always easier said than done but it certainly doesn’t help that Penny’s multi-generational household seems to have a knack for getting into larger-than-life hijinks. Soon enough, they start unravelling a few of the local mysteries. You’ve found it. Number of seasons: 1. Number of seasons: 1. The show works as a Disney-branded riff on the Looney Tunes, leaning heavily into slapstick comedy and surreal logic (how do you think they got to Canada?). Both Anakin Skywalker and Obi-Wan Kenobi feature prominently as characters, as they lead the Republic against the Separatist forces first brought together by former Jedi Count Dooku. Fans watched Cory Matthews navigate the perils of high school and make it all the way to college, thanks to the help of his best friend Rider, love interest Topanga, and neighbour and teacher (later principal) Mr Feeny. Created by: Edward Kitsis, Adam Horowitz Disney Plus released around a year ago in the US, and earlier this year elsewhere – and the best Disney Plus shows very much show the streaming service is a … Created, executive produced, and hosted by prop collector extraordinaire Dan Lanigan, Prop Culture follows Dan across the globe as he tracks down classic Disney film props. Timon and Pumbaa are absolute scene-stealers. It’s relatively faithful in copying the look and feel of the comics at the time (specifically those drawn by Jim Lee) and makes perfect use of a familiar lineup: Cyclops, Wolverine, Rogue, Storm, Beast, Gambit, Jubilee, Jean Grey, and Professor X. The Clone Wars feature film, which also serves as the series pilot, is not good. A day could be tough because of school or tough because of superhuman battles with the notorious Dr. Drakken. Created by: George Lucas Let's round up Disney's best gems. Forky Asks a Question While that’s all well and good, the series’ deep dive into Marvel’s legacy is a surprisingly deep, heartfelt journey through some of the brand’s iconic elements, strangest moments, and the ways it is evolving to better represent its diverse fanbase. It’s more well-known episodes have become integrated into our culture and into our language, to the point that you can barely make it through a day now without someone in your life trying to drop a reference (unless, of course, that person is you). For seven seasons audiences watched Cory Matthews (Ben Savage), his on-again-off-again girlfriend Topanga (Danielle Fishel), his older brother Eric (Will Friedle), and his best friend Shawn (Rider Strong) navigate middle school, high school, and college, usually with the help of their teacher/principal/friend, Mr. Feeny (William Daniels). Cast: Dan Lanigan New York, Wolverine and the X-Men (also available on Disney+) might be the superior cartoon, but there’s still nothing quite like X-Men: The Animated Series. Its library offers nearly all of Disney’s animated movies, along with most of the Star Wars movies and shows, the Marvel Cinematic Universe, lots of National Geographic programs, the full Pixar library, and much, much more. Created by Dave Filoni –who’s also behind Clone Wars and Rebels – Resistance is interesting in how it diverges from the usual stories about the Jedi Order, meaning that, like Rogue One, we get to see how ordinary people in the Resistance get by. Darkwing Duck may have been a staple of Disney’s afternoon lineup in the '90s, but it was also of a slightly different breed to the rest. By night, she’s international pop star Hannah Montana — and almost nobody knows her secret. It only gets worse when you add in all the responsibilities of being an international spy. Gordon Ramsay’s globe-trotting National Geographic show sees him travel across the world, from Laos to Alaska, in order to broaden his own horizons as a chef. Created by Alex Hirsch, Gravity Falls blends the nostalgic feeling of long summer days with the thrill of the supernatural. Just because you can scroll through thousands of viral videos on social media doesn’t mean you’re going to find some of the gems of old-school AFV. By night, he’s Darkwing Duck, a masked superhero who spends the midnight hours fighting crime alongside his pilot sidekick, Launchpad McQuack. Created by: Vin Di Bona It’s sharp and heartfelt writing, for sure, which helped to net Diary a second season through Disney+. The Proud Family was groundbreaking TV for the Disney Channel. Your view of the series may have been warped if you’ve caught the movie Honey Boy, which was partially inspired by LaBeouf’s experiences as a child actor. This careful balance is what makes the show such a cross-generation hit. A spinoff from Marvel’s Captain America films, Agent Carter stars Hayley Atwell as Peggy Carter, the love of Captain America’s life, in the aftermath of Captain America’s tragic accident at the end of World War II. Number of seasons: 3. Number of seasons: 1. X-Men: The Animated Series. Lizzie McGuire is making a big splash on Disney Plus thanks to a new revival, so expect to hear a whole lot more from her and the tiny person living inside her head. Seasons: 2. He’s the hero that St. Canard deserves. Instead, she mainly uses her powers to help out her family and advance her career as an aspiring fashion designer. GamesRadar+ is supported by its audience. Leading the way is Skye, later Quake, played by Chloe Bennet. Cast: Pedro Pascal, Carl Weathers, Gina Carano Created by: Illana Peña Cast: Tess Romero, Selenis Leyva, Gina Rodriguez It’s a question that no one in history has ever asked except for the creators of Rescue Rangers, who nabbed Mickey’s pals Chip ‘n Dale and made them the owners of a detective agency that specialises in miniature crimes. You will receive a verification email shortly. Sure, by this point, there are probably more bad Simpsons episodes than good ones, but that doesn’t matter. It’s a winner partially because of the chemistry between Raven Symone and her onscreen friends, played by Anneliese Van Der Pol and Orlando Brown. Not only did Hannah Montana launch Miley Cyrus’ career (and helped revitalize that of her real-life and on-screen father, Billy Ray Cyrus), but it’s also the highest-rated show in Disney Channel history. not only has one of the catchiest theme tunes to have ever been created, but it was also the reliable highlight of Disney Afternoon’s line-up. Created by: The Jim Henson Company It plays around with the characters and their appearances. It’s TaleSpin’s unabashed weirdness that made it work so well. Raven’s Home is a current Disney Channel show and sequel series to That’s So Raven (2003-2007). Number of seasons: 7. There’s even a big face-off with Apocalypse, who’s looking a lot less surly than Oscar Isaac’s version. Please refresh the page and try again. There are vikings, knights, pirates, and ghosts – who knows who we’ll meet and where we’ll go. A direct spiritual descendant of Boy Meets World, Lizzie McGuire similarly deals with an average girl who wants more than anything to become popular. NY 10036. In fact, back in the 1st century AD, they all lived freely and happily over in Scotland. The way the opening titles parody The Great Escape is a good indicator of what the series is aiming for: a smart satire about the suppression of the individual by society. As the pair go to Colombia, Papua New Guinea, Ethiopia, Pakistan, Lebanon, and Ukraine, viewers will not only learn about the regions and their cultures and history, but also get to experience their touching bond. For example, we see her celebrate the Mexican holiday of Día de Muertos. Together, they are Team Possible. The legacy of Even Stevens probably begins and ends with the fact that it made Shia LaBeouf a star. While DuckTales and Talespin work as broad adventure stories, Darkwing was created as a parody of the pulp heroes and comic book characters of the '30s and '40s. The first season spans six episodes, all of which are available to stream on Disney+. She’s smart, she kicks ass, but still faces all the same problems and obstacles that every teen goes through. © The weird, funny moments that have sparked a thousand memes. On Disney+, you can revisit the glory days of seasons 1 through 10 as much as you want. Phineas and Ferb has the same energy as Family Guy (co-creator Dan Povenmire used to work on Fox’s animated sitcom), but it’s not nearly as raunchy, leading to a show that the whole family can enjoy. These topics and more are addressed in each episode of this series, which has the inimitable Jeff Goldblum investigate the history of otherwise common objects and take a deep dive into what makes them so ubiquitous and — in many cases — beloved by so many people. What about the roots of America’s crush on coffee? Kazuda’s high-flying antics definitely have a touch of Top Gun to them, too. For a chef known mostly for yelling at people, it’s humbling for his image. Remember Agent Coulson? Disney only ran the show for two years (1992 to 1993), but it gathered enough recognition to warrant two Disney film extensions: A Goofy Movie and An Extremely Goofy Movie. It’s a great time to catch up on Phineas and Ferb, too: A spinoff movie, Candace Against the Universe, is now available for streaming on Disney+. It fulfils our base desires to watch delicious meals be prepared, all while we shove fistfuls of Doritos into our mouths and wipe the cheese dust on our sweatpants. Cory is just a normal kid doing his best to get by. Cast: Raven Symoné, Issac Ryan Brown, Navia Robinson Black Friday game deals: see all the best offers right now! After stumbling across a terrible secret and discovering their parents have been lying to them their entire lives, the Runaways investigate what their guardians are after and what else they might be hiding. She can sell goofy physical comedy like no nobody else. Fans of Mary Poppins will be thrilled when the character’s famous carpet bag makes an appearance. Number of seasons: 3. Ezra, a street urchin with force abilities, comes under the guidance of Kanan. There, we said it! Riverdale fans will already be familiar with one of the stars of Suite Life, Cole Sprouse, who here got his start alongside his twin brother Dylan. Despite the returning character, though, it’s all about Asohka. Get the best gaming deals, reviews, product advice, competitions, unmissable gaming news and more! So, thank you to DuckTales for bringing us that reminder in the form of Scrooge McDuck – an eccentric billionaire who somehow hasn’t yet been crushed to death from repeatedly diving into a pool of solid gold coins. Number of seasons: 2. This Saturday morning cartoon was many fans’ first introduction to Marvel’s merry mutants, and it remains one of the most popular takes on the characters. They spend most of their time battling Magneto, as usual, while season 3 has mutants become public knowledge. Call her, beep her if you want to reach her. It also committed to a more serious tone that didn’t feel overly grim, while also avoiding the kind of cutesy gimmicks that feel like they’ve been created just to sell toys. Created by: N/A Rodriguez produces through her own I Can & I Will production company, alongside CBS Television Studios, with episodes premiering on Disney+.